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Our Services are fast and next to nothing with best price!


We profive Computer aRepair services to homes and businesses. Our qualified engineers can come to your location to fix your Computers or Laptops. If for some reason your problem cannot be fixed On-Site, our engineer will take your computer with them and return it either same day or next day without any extra cost with our free pickup and delivery services.


Money transfer are quick and easy at just computers. choose from any of the services we provide to send money anyway in the world. Western union , jamaica National , Ria Money transfer , Samba.


We help you ship anything to any where in the world using services such as DHL. Send parcels of any size or weight 7 Days a Week.
Our Friendly staff will help you choose the best service for your package. Pop in and talk to us or call 020 8771 5353.


We offer High Speed Internet Access, Reliable and secure Pc terminal with access to web Mail and all the messengers : Yahoo , MSN, etc. We have the latest Microsoft word, Excel and Powerpoint as well as image manipulation software. All terminals connected. All terminals connected to the high speed printing station, so you can do black & white or colour Printing.


Here are testimonials from clients that we have worked with and are happy to share
their opinion about the process and the results.